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          Welcome to [Wuxi Zhuoyida Chemical Equipment Co., Ltd.] official website!

          136 6513 6718

          PRODUCTSOur products have been tested by thousands of customers
          ABOUT USProduct quality reassures users, honest service makes users satisfied
          Wuxi Zhuoyida Chemical Equipment Co., Ltd. Qualified quality, good faith management, mutual benefit, sincere treatment

          Wuxi Zhuoyida Chemical Equipment Co., Ltd. is located in Xuelang Town, Binhu District, Wuxi City, and its production base is located in the Industrial Concentration Zone, Fangqiao Street, Yixing City, Wuxi.

          Our company is an enterprise specializing in the production and manufacture of containers for petrochemical, coking, pharmaceutical, water treatment and other industries. It mainly includes: five types of heat exchangers, complete sets of coking equipment, tower containers, tank containers, and reactors.

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          APPLICATIONCareful, meticulous, attentive, go all out to do every step
          HONORQuality is more guaranteed
          NEWSYour attention is the driving force of Zhuoyida

          Copy right ? 2021 Wuxi Zhuoyida Chemical Equipment Co., Ltd.

          Record number: Su ICP No. 2021003046
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